Библия зеркало - Mirror Bible. Послание Иакова - James , 4 глава (в процессе перевода)

Mirror Bible

5:1 Your wealth cannot disguise your weakness when calamity strikes. Then it is too late to scream and cry.

Синодальный перевод

5:1 Послушайте вы, богатые: плачьте и рыдайте о бедствиях ваших, находящих на вас.

Перевод с Mirror Bible


5:2 Whatever you have hoarded to show how strong you are financially shows signs of rot; your wardrobes of fine clothing are moth eaten.

5:2 Богатство ваше сгнило, и одежды ваши изъедены молью.


5:3 Your tarnished treasures of gold and silver bear witness against you; instead of exhibiting your riches they show off your shame. Your wealth worries have given you ulcers that consume you like a fire from within. You would have thought that you stored up enough insurance to last you to the end of days.

5:3 Золото ваше и серебро изоржавело, и ржавчина их будет свидетельством против вас и съест плоть вашу, как огонь: вы собрали себе сокровище на последние дни.


5:4 In the process you have short paid your laborers who reaped your harvests; those wages have now become a loud voice together with the groans of the workers you have cheated and abused; they shout out against you in earshot of the Lord of the masses.

5:4 Вот, плата, удержанная вами у работников, пожавших поля ваши, вопиет, и вопли жнецов дошли до слуха Господа Саваофа.


5:5 You have indulged in a delicate lifestyle on all your properties; you have stuffed yourselves; grabbing and looting like soldiers on the battlefield.

5:5 Вы роскошествовали на земле и наслаждались; напитали сердца ваши, как бы на день заклания.


5:6 In your quest to get to the top you have stepped on others and ruined innocent lives; while no one opposed you.

5:6 Вы осудили, убили Праведника; Он не противился вам.


5:7 My friends, if you are the ones abused, remain passionate about the 1presence of the Lord. Consider how the farmer lays hold of the harvest by patiently letting the early and latter rain do its work in the soil to prepare its precious yield. (The word, 1parousia, means presence, from para, closest possible proximity, and eimi, “I am.” Sadly this beautiful word has always been traditionally translated to point to yet another future event—the coming of the Lord. Religion thrives on two lies, distance and delay. Immanuel canceled both in Christ. Jesus says in John 4, “Do you not say, “there are yet four months then comes the harvest.” Yet you are looking at the wrong harvest. Lift up your eyes, look away from your own labor and see the harvest that is already ripe.)

5:7 Итак, братия, будьте долготерпеливы до пришествия Господня. Вот, земледелец ждет драгоценного плода от земли и для него терпит долго, пока получит дождь ранний и поздний.


5:8 Let your hearts also be firm in patience while the 1closeness of the embrace of his presence sustains you. (The word, 1engidzo, means to bring near, reflexively — Strong’s Concordance; here translated as “the closeness of his embrace.”)

5:8 Долготерпите и вы, укрепите сердца ваши, потому что пришествие Господне приближается.


5:9 When circumstances 1squeeze you into tight spots, don’t make your problem your topic of conversation with one another (there is no relief in feeling sorry for yourselves) while the Lord is left standing outside behind closed doors. Let him be the judge of your situation. (The word, 1stenadzo, means to groan, complain; from stenos, meaning narrow.)

5:9 Не сетуйте, братия, друг на друга, чтобы не быть осужденными: вот, Судия стоит у дверей.


5:10 The Prophets who spoke in the Name of the Lord are our 1mentors; consider what they had to put up with and what hardships they went through, and with what fortitude they prevailed. (The word, 1upodeigma, means an exhibit, pattern for imitation.)

5:10 В пример злострадания и долготерпения возьмите, братия мои, пророков, которые говорили именем Господним.


5:11 To look back at the faith heroes of yesterday is always an inspiration. Even Job’s life was prophetic. Consider how God came through for him in the end; his endurance proved God’s extreme compassion and tender mercies. (The first part represents life under the law of fear, the latter the law of faith.)

5:11 Вот, мы ублажаем тех, которые терпели. Вы слышали о терпении Иова и видели конец оного от Господа, ибо Господь весьма милосерд и сострадателен.


5:12 Making foolish oaths does not add weight to your intentions. It makes no difference whether you attempt to tap into heaven’s magic or swear by some earthly institution, or any other binding authority. Keep it simple, yes cannot mean no at the same time. Swearing silly oaths makes you look phony anyway. (Live your life, convinced of God’s tender feelings towards you.)

5:12 Прежде же всего, братия мои, не клянитесь ни небом, ни землею, и никакою другою клятвою, но да будет у вас: "да, да" и "нет, нет", дабы вам не подпасть осуждению.


5:13 If anyone is going through a tough time, let him worship; when times are good, sing praises. (Don’t take your lead from your negative or your positive circumstances.)

5:13 Злостраждет ли кто из вас, пусть молится. Весел ли кто, пусть поет псалмы.


5:14 If you feel too 1weak to 2worship, find encouragement in the care of those who are mature in their faith. Let them anoint you with oil and worship with you in 3prayer. Identify yourself in all that the Lord’s name represents. (The words, 1astheneo, means weak, feeble; 2proseuxomai, worship; and 3euxomai, prayer.)

5:14 Болен ли кто из вас, пусть призовет пресвитеров Церкви, и пусть помолятся над ним, помазав его елеем во имя Господне.


5:15 The prayer [environment] of faith shall restore the feeble. The Lord revitalizes and quickens you; he has already forgiven you of anything stupid you might have done to have caused the situation.

5:15 И молитва веры исцелит болящего, и восставит его Господь; и если он соделал грехи, простятся ему.


5:16 (Do not tolerate vibes) if you have wronged someone talk to him about it; pray for each other to maintain a healthy fellowship. Righteousness is the fuel of effective prayer. (How right things are, not how wrong things are now motivate your every prayer and conversation. Not the size or the detail of the problem.)

5:16 Признавайтесь друг пред другом в проступках и молитесь друг за друга, чтобы исцелиться: много может усиленная молитва праведного.


5:17 Elijah wasn’t superman, yet his prayers had supernatural results with global impact. Remember how he prayed. He prayed with such resolve that he stopped the rain for three and a half years.

5:17 Илия был человек, подобный нам, и молитвою помолился, чтобы не было дождя: и не было дождя на землю три года и шесть месяцев.


5:18 He prayed again and everything was back to normal; rain and harvest in season.

5:18 И опять помолился: и небо дало дождь, и земля произрастила плод свой.


5:19 If a brother strays off from the truth, go and fetch him.

5:19 Братия! если кто из вас уклонится от истины, и обратит кто его,


5:20 To turn a sinner back from error not only rescues the individual but stops the ripple effect of the rot in a community.

5:20 пусть тот знает, что обративший грешника от ложного пути его спасет душу от смерти и покроет множество грехов.